B-58 Panel Pic #1

B-58 Panel Pic #2


Thanks Bud H.

Looking at these photo's brings back a few memories. If you still have the photo's, I'll point out some things as I remember them.

Each panel has what looks like a cigarette lighter receptacle with 2 screws in the flange. These were exhaust ports for the cooling air that was pumped into the system from behind the panel. The Bomb Nav System could not be activated with out cooling air. The system was sensitive to both air pressure and temperature before it would activate.

The system had redundancy such as two stab units, both for inertial navigation with 3 gyros and accelerometers each.

We were responsible for the typical Bomb Nav components such as the Search Radar, Bombing and Navigation Computers. The peripheral systems we also maintained were the Radio Altimeter, Doppler Radar and Astro Tracker as all were an integral part of the system.

To the left and upper left of the radar scope is the Astro Tracker Control and readout panels.

The ground speed indicator on the upper left panel would jam in its upper limit at approx 1362 knots. Typically had to pull this panel after a max air speed mission to be repaired in the field shop and re-installed.

The 2 panels to the right of the scope and above the track handle were for navigation. The top one showed the present position and the one below the destination in latitude and longitude, of course great circle navigation calculated in.

I believe the panel above the scope had the target location data.

Just above the track handle is an attitude indicator.

Not bad for thirty years ago? 1969

Thanks for the photos.